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      Dear leaders, close friends from all walks of life, dear tgr family:
Hello everyone! Tgr, the wisdom of love. In 2019, the development of China's pharmaceutical industry fluctuates, and the survival situation is becoming increasingly difficult: the international political environment is treacherous, the domestic supply side reform is gradually deepening, the medical reform policy is continuous, and the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry is slowing down; the new technology of artificial intelligence and unmanned distribution promotes the new mode of intelligent pharmacy, continuously squeezing the living space of traditional pharmacies, and the regulation of traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more strict, and licensed pharmacists take it In the face of the turning point of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the number of retail drugstores showed a 
negative growth for the first time in 20 years. In the first quarter of 2019, the number of pharmacies around the country decreased by 20465, chain stores by 5604 and monomer pharmacies by 14861. The road of Chinese chain drugstores is foggy and the future is dim. But with the joint support of leaders, friends from all walks of life and tgr's family, tgr alliance has made remarkable achievements!
     It is a common way for a country to prepare well. In this year, the alliance comprehensively deepened the construction of health product system, provided "alliance customized" general private brand products for regional chain drugstores, and realized the commodity differentiation competition strategy. Through the joint purchasing and distribution, the alliance members obtain the same purchasing advantages as the global large companies, and ensure the "three stabilities" of core products: stable quality, stable channel and stable price.
     In this year, the alliance fully introduced the digital management mode, continuously optimized the organizational structure, reformed and innovated the business model, market development, management and operation, technological innovation and human resource development of the enterprise by digital means, broke the information isolated island, and provided a "scientific and systematic" information management mode for the regional chain drugstores, including strategic management, information management, commodity management, etc Marketing, personnel management, administrative management, financial management and other dimensions help member enterprises of the alliance to enhance the operational efficiency of capital flow, logistics and information flow, expand competitive advantages and realize sustainable development.
     In this year, the alliance fully implemented the construction of Internet "B2B" online shopping mall, provided a cloud business communication platform of "efficient ration" for regional chain drugstores more convenient, smoother and more efficient, completed the data synchronization of three terminals (PC, wechat, APP), realized the online and offline connection, and took the express of digital information to realize cross regional and cross-border development.
If the road is blocked and long, the road will come. In the coming year, tgr alliance will continue to meet the challenge of market uncertainty with strategic certainty. Adhere to the alliance strategic policy of "product output as the main, management output as the auxiliary, and health service as the root", focus on regional chain drugstores, consolidate seven value platforms of general product, affordable procurement, exclusive distribution, cloud business interconnection, talent training, operation management and joint brand, and strive to help the member enterprises of tgr alliance to build "platform, network, expert, realization tool, etc Five core competencies of "co brand". It is committed to complete the seven strategic tasks of establishing tgr Health Research Institute, establishing product procurement and production committee, establishing provincial partner distribution center, establishing tgr provincial Procurement Alliance, helping alliance members establish marketing center, establishing tgr management wisdom alliance, preparing for joint listing, and creating alliance brand, so as to provide convenient health management services for Chinese people. To realize the "15 minutes tgr healthy life circle", enable healthy China, and devote to help people live longer, healthier and more happy life.
     Thank you!

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