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Tgr china pharmacy purchasing union (TCPPU) was founded in 2004 and headquartered in changsha. It is the biggest non-profit pharmacy union purchasing organization in china, with 1151 member companies, and over 30,000 union pharmacies. It’s annual sales reaches nearly 30 billion rmb. Business scope of the union covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions except for tibet. After over a decade of development, tcppu has become the "group headquarter" of chain pharmacies, the "marketing center" of pharmaceutical companies and the "reassuring terminal" of consumers.

Three Core Functions Of TCPPU:

1. product outputTaking product output as its cornerstone, the union helps mainstream chain pharmaceutical companies build up comprehensive product force and creates safe and effective health products for consumers. The group collaborates with authoritative r&d organizations and sets up a professional research team and has established the "tgr health research institute". Based on human disease spectrum and pathology, the group has independently created eight product brands including xinghantang brand tcm decoction pieces, meishutong brand oral drugs, mei'erjie brand external use drugs, meisikangle brand health-care food, mei'enlong brand medical devices, meiyajing brand personal care supplies (cosmetics), aohaier brand maternal & child products and pediatric medications, mei'ersheng brand other products, through independent r&d or intellectual property rights purchasing. The group independently develops over 500 self-owned brand products and runs over 300 exclusive agency brand products. The products can be divided into 8 main categories, 78 sub-categories and 318 small categories in total, covering all aspects of consumers' demand for health. The three features of production and distribution of the group are as following. First, company customization. Through commissioned production and shareholding incentive, product is featured by complete categories, high quality and stable supply. Second, modern logistics. The group has established its own modern logistics delivery system for brand products. The distribution scope covers 2,113 cities nationwide, ensuring timely delivery of products. Third, voluntary join. Through voluntary join mode, the group now has the group has 981 distribution member companies across the country, and more than 30,000 distribution pharmacies, forming a health industry chain integrating pharmaceutical research, production and marketing, serving and affecting over 75% of china's population.

2. management outputTaking management output as driving force, tthe union helps mainstream chain pharmaceutical companies to comprehensively upgrade "management competence" and build a scientific system management system for enterprises. The group cooperates with top universities such as tsinghua university, peking university, renmin university and harvard university to build a professional education consulting team and establish the versatile tegeer universitythat integrates academic research, education and training, and management consulting. For over a decade, through project 431, we have trained more than 500 ceos and 3,000 store managers for union member companies, and successfully stationed nearly 200 outstanding professional managers. From different aspects such as strategic management, information management, commodity management, marketing, human resource management, administrative management and financial management, we have helped our union member companies to establish a kpi management system designed for modern chain stores, greatly enhancing their operations. We are honored in the industry as 'whampoa military academy' of chain pharmacies in china.

3. health serviceThe union uses health services as a link to help mainstream chain pharmaceutical companies to enhance market's "service capability" and customize intimate professional health services for consumers. The group integrates the resources from famous hospitals such as union medical college hospital and xiangya hospital and has established a professional medical team, and successfully rolled out 24h family doctor-type pharmacythe tgr healthy life house, provide customers with five major health service systems including health testing, convenient diagnosis and treatment, affordable medicine, prescription medicine dispensing, health management, safeguarding family health in a full time, full range, all-round manner. In changsha, tgr healthy life house will form the layout of "tgr 112". Namely, 1 tgr hospital, 10 tgr healthy life houses and 200 tgr zhilin drug stores, completing the "15-minute tgr changsha healthy living circle" covering changsha city and building the multi-layered changsha cloud medical health service system. Nationwide, tgr takes "light diagnose and treatment" as core, with the help of internet and by combining with union member companies, the group forms the layout of "tgr 133m", creating a "15-minute tgr china healthy living circle" covering the cities across china and building the multi-layered china cloud medical health service system.

TCPPU's seven valuable platforms

1.General product platform:The union provides "union customized" general brand products for union members to help members realize product differentiation strategy. The union develops more than 500 differentiated self-owned brand products based on the optimal treatment options for 88 kinds of human diseases, covering all aspects of consumer's demand for health.
2.Affordable purchasing platform:The union provides union members with a "good quality and affordable" global union purchasing platform to help members achieve low-cost competitive strategy. Through union purchase and distribution, union members can enjoy the most favorable policies between the union and industry tycoons such as guangzhou pharmaceutical holdings limited, north china pharmaceutical company ltd., chongqing taiji industry (group) co.,ltd., lukang pharmaceutical, shijiazhuang no.4 pharmaceutical co., ltd., longrich, etc, thus enjoying purchase advantages possessed by major global enterprises, ensuring the stable quality, channel and price of core products.
3.Exclusive distribution platform: Union members sprawl across china except for tibet. The union provides an exclusive omni-channel distribution platform for union members to achieve focused competitive strategy. The union only selects one chain pharmacy that meets the management criteria to sell brand products of the union in each region, consistently insisting on exclusive distribution.
4.Cloud business internet platform:The union provides union members with "high-efficiency distribution" cloud business communication platform, helping members to achieve the empowering "+internet" strategy. By building up cloud health network, the union managed to integrate the massive but effective end customer group, turning dispersed resources into shared resources. And by guiding customers through tele-diagnose, the union has distributed customers effectively among union member companies, building a cloud business platform of "e-commerce, store owner and supplier" between union members and customers. 
5.Talent nurturing platform:The union provides union members with a superb development platform for talent resources in "professional sciences", helping members to realize sustainable human resources strategy. In 2009, the union founded the first ever pharmacy management school in china—tege’er university. In combination with the management practice of tege’er, tege’er university has carried out academic research, education and training, management consulting, providing members with systematic training on modern retail knowledge with international standards, cultivating modern compound management talents for union members, and providing sustainable human resources with strong competitiveness.
6.Operation management platform:The union provides a professional and systemic operation management output platform for union members to help achieve efficient operation management strategies. Thanks to the "project 431" of the union, union members can share the union's many years of successful retail experience, gain professional and systematic market and consumer positioning, as well as the full process management model including shop location selection, commodity management, store planning and commodity display, price strategy, promotion strategy and employee management, together with bsc modern retail management system, thus establishing a complete modern kpi management system.
7.Union brand platform:The union provides a union brand platform with "star effect" for union members to help them achieve a cooperative competition strategy. Members can have a renowned brand in the industry without changing their own brands and can develop the distribution business with tgr union brands to attract small and medium-sized retailers to join, and find new economic growth points. 

"If all union members is compared to a football team, then tgr is more like a coach, who will not play football himself, but will choose the best player in all regions and build up a dream team. And teach the team the secret so that it will become invincible in the market".

Tgr, the wisdom of love! Transforming the industry with innovation and creating the future with sound service. Tgr consistently sticks to the operation principle of serving for people’s health, and the mission of caring for human health with wisdom, and has been dedicated to bringing a longer, healthier and happier life to people, fully promoting the vigorous development of china's health industry and realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

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