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Yang bingxiu

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Yang bingxiu    chief gynecologist / Professor    national famous doctor

Chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of traditional Chinese medicine. She has been engaged in clinical gynecology for more than 50 years. She is good at treating common gynecological diseases and difficult miscellaneous diseases, such as functional uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, habitual abortion, threatened abortion, breast disease, acne, chloasma, gynecologic tumor, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome and vulva diseases. She has unique attainments in the treatment of infertility of men and women The curative effect of oviduct obstruction is quite good, known as "mother doctor" and "send son Guanyin". She was awarded the third prize of scientific and technological progress of traditional Chinese medicine in Hunan Province in 1993. She is the academic leader of Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine. She has published about 20 papers and participated in the compilation of one book in various domestic medical journals. She was awarded the honorary titles of the fourth batch of national senior Chinese medicine experts in academic experience inheritance, national famous veteran Chinese medicine and other honorary titles.

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