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Tgr Zhilin Drug Stores Brief Introduction

Tgr Group Hunan Zhilin pharmacy retail chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "tgr Zhilin pharmacy") was established in 2000, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province. It is a leading provider of health solutions in China. It is a low-cost pharmacy that protects family health in a full-time, whole process and all-round way. It has nearly 200 chain stores with annual sales of more than 3 The business scope covers all areas of Changsha City. After nearly 20 years of development, tgr zilin pharmacy has won many important honors such as "trustworthy enterprise", "A-level tax paying credit unit" and "pharmaceutical enterprise trusted by the people". It has been listed as one of the top 100 pharmaceutical retail chains in China for ten consecutive years, and is a well-known regional pharmaceutical retail chain enterprise in China.

Tgr zilin pharmacy provides customers with three major health services:

1.Affordable drug supply: tgr zilin pharmacy creates a safe, effective, convenient, and cost-effective direct supply platform for health products. With high-quality research and development team, it creates eight self owned brands, including xinghantang, meishutong, meierjie, meiskangle, meienlong, meiyajing, Aoer, MEIERSHENG, so as to ensure the product quality and provide customers with Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese and Western patent medicines and health food It can meet the needs of customers, such as health care products, health care products and so on.

2.Temporary prescription: special dosage forms such as "Gao Tang Wan San granule capsule" are customized for customers in tgr zhilin pharmacy. With excellent technology, syndrome differentiation and treatment are carried out to ensure the maximum efficacy of the drug. "Famous doctors, famous medicines, famous processing" work together to let customers enjoy healthy private customized services.

3.Health management: tgr zhilin pharmacy has built a modern intelligent health management platform, which provides free personal health records for customers, free health management and consultation services, and free door-to-door service for customers.

Tgr, wisdom of love! Change the industry with innovation and create the future with service. Tgr always adheres to the business purpose of all for the people's health, shoulders the historical mission of caring for human health with wisdom, and is committed to helping people live a longer, healthier and more pleasant life, and to vigorously promote the vigorous development of China's health industry and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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Product Advantages

Tgr group collaborates with authoritative r&d organizations and sets up a professional research team and established the "tgr health research institute". Based on human disease spectrum and pathology, the group has independently created eight product brands including xinghantang, meishutong, mei'erjie, meisikangle, mei'enlong, meiyajing, aohaier, and mei'ersheng, through independent r&d or intellectual property rights purchasing. The group independently develops over 500 self-owned brand products and runs over 300 exclusive agency brand products. The products can be divided into 8 main categories, 78 sub-categories and 318 small categories in total, covering all aspects of consumers' demand for health. 
Tgr group insists that only "531" pharmaceutical enterprises with guaranteed quality are selected to produce tgr's own brand products to ensure complete varieties and excellent quality. "531" pharmaceutical enterprises refer to Guangyao group, Taiji group, Huabei pharmaceutical, Shandong Lukang, Shijiazhuang siyao, Fangsheng pharmaceutical, Shaanxi Panlong, Huizhou Daya, xinghantang Chinese medicine decoction pieces factory.

Logistics Distribution Advantages

Logistics and distribution advantages tgr group has a strong southern logistics distribution center in the industry, with a total of four floors, with a flat warehouse area of more than 20000 square meters and a three-dimensional warehouse covering an area of 1500 square meters. The three-dimensional shelf area runs through the first to fourth floors, with a total height of 21m. It is equipped with 5 roadway stackers, 2 robots and 6720 cargo spaces, which can meet the requirements of 8064 cubic meters of goods storage. It creates a domestic GSP standardized intelligent storage and distribution system, which is dedicated to commodity logistics and distribution services, covering 2113 county-level cities in China to ensure the safe and timely delivery of products.

Operational Advantages

Through accurate marketing activities, professional planning and design, differentiated promotion and publicity, professional operation guidance, case sharing, practical teaching and other means, to help your store performance steadily improve.

Regular professional training

Combined with the growing demand of consumers for pharmacies in the new environment, tgr group regularly held professional training to improve the operation level and management ability of store managers. Among them, the champion store manager class not only has wonderful lectures from authoritative experts and famous teachers in the industry, but also gathers together with the national famous chain champion store managers for real-time exchange and learning.

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