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Tgr University, formerly known as tgr business school, was established in May 2009 and headquartered in Changsha. It is a high-end academic exchange platform integrating academic research, management consulting, education and training. For more than 10 years, adhering to the school running tenet of "refining the strength of all rivers and forming a family's words", it has trained more than 500 presidents and more than 3000 store managers for member enterprises of the alliance. It is known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" of Chinese chain drugstores.

There are three basic functions of teger University:

1.Academic research: teger University adheres to the forefront of academic and theoretical research in the industry, embraces the experience of Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical retail chain management, organizes exchange activities of chain drugstores, forecasts the industry trend of chain drugstores, and formulates the industry standards of chain drugstores, so as to set the wind vane for the development of China's chain drugstores and comprehensively drive the development of the industry.

2.Management consulting: driven by management output, teger University helps alliance member enterprises to upgrade their "management power" and provides customers with system leading solutions. "If we compare all the members of the League to a team, then teger is more like a coach. Instead of playing in person, he chooses the" number one player "in various regions to build a" dream "And then teach the secret to make it invincible in the market. Teger's "three modernizations and three haves"( Three aspects: young, professional and knowledgeable; three: business wisdom, business ethics, and business civilization) to forge the "consulting and coaching team of teger alliance", activate the "ten forces" of member enterprises of the alliance from strategic management, information management, commodity management, marketing, personnel management, administrative management, financial management and other dimensions, so as to comprehensively drive the alliance League upgrade.
       3.Education and training: through the "431" project, teger University helps alliance member enterprises to establish a modern chain KPI management system from multiple dimensions, such as market and consumer positioning, store location, commodity management, store planning and commodity display, price strategy, promotion strategy, and employee management, which improves the operation ability of alliance member enterprises as a whole, and successfully solves the mutual trust of alliance management The four major problems of appointment, cultural integration, human resource management and core competence management drive the growth of talents in an all-round way. Four classes: through the joint efforts of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, Harvard University and other top educational institutions, we have established a professional education team, set up a chairman MBA class, a general manager MBA class, a champion store manager class, and an employee training class, so as to build a perfect talent training system for the chain pharmacy industry. Three conferences: through organizing three major brand exchange meetings, namely, the national member congress, the alliance Council, and the round table meeting of the chairman of the alliance, the industry talent experience sharing platform will be constructed. The first group: through organizing overseas study tour groups of the alliance, the international vision of high-end talents of the alliance has been opened up.
Teger, wisdom of love! Change the industry with innovation and create the future with service. Teger always adheres to the business purpose of all for the people's health, shoulders the historical mission of caring for human health with wisdom, and is committed to helping people live a longer, healthier and more pleasant life, and to vigorously promote the vigorous development of China's health industry and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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